What They’re Saying About Us

“Unbelievable Quality. Our clear choice for competition barbecue, and our first choice for home cooking to enjoy with family and friends.”

Eric KeatingOwner, Local Smoke BBQ

“KOW steaks are in my opinion the best beef produced in America today. The marbling, rich beefy flavor and fat are like nothing I have ever tasted. This is truly a one of a kind eating experience.”

Paul WinberryMichelin Star Chef, Top Chef Winner

“The New York Strip is Outstanding!”

Aaron BrooksExecutive Chef, The Four Seasons Hotel

“It's like a religious experience!”

Beto / @bbq_bboyGrilling Enthusiast, Social Media Influencer

“I'm a realtor in Denver, CO. I ordered 8 gifts around the holidays to be sent to my clients. I was sick of sending wine... The feedback from my clients has been absolutely amazing. From the packaging to quality of the steaks after transit to the unbelievable flavor. My new go to for client gifts. Thank y'all!!!”

Lea V.Denver Realtor

“My daughter gave us a gift of KOW filets and New York Strips for Christmas and what a great present! The KOW (I can’t refer to it as ‘meat’-it is so much more) arrived in a very nice cooler, on cushioned packing material and vacuum-sealed in individual pouches. And you know how we like the presentation!

Fortunately, I had the benefit of her expertise in how to cook them (simply… seared first on stove top and then finished off in the oven on a high temp) and it was just amazing that something requiring so little effort on the cook’s end, produced the best meal of the holiday.

I turned to my daughter, after that first bite of literally THE BEST MEAT I’VE EVER EATEN and said, “I know what we’re serving next holiday dinner!” Also, an important tip, one filet is satisfying enough for two people. It is so rich!

Thank you for a truly incredible product. And by the way, do you ship to Budapest?”

Melissa O’SullivanBudapest, Hungary

“Seriously the best steak I have ever had no comparison ”

Richard P.Miami, FL

“F***ing Unreal.”

Kaywan G.Manhattan, NY

“Holy KOW! I used to say that filet has no flavor. Not any more. This is without exception the best filet I have ever tasted. It has the richness and flavor of ribeye but it cuts like butter. ”

Chris C.Brooklyn, NY

“Kow cattle delivered! Not only the best, most flavorful, tender cut of beef we've ever tasted, but right to our front door! The rib eye we received was mouth watering, and the wagyu brats were a crowd favorite! Thanks for welcoming us to the family!”

Jamie U.Vail, CO

“The Tri-tip was simply Awesome, smoked to a medium rare.

Mark R.

“Absolutely buttery, perfect brisket. I smoked it at home and enjoyed with several friends who were all blown away by the perfection of this cut. Worth the investment every time!”

Mike S.