Our Commitment to Quality

Our partner farmers are very critical in their selection criteria to deliver you the best possible meal to your table.  A robust grading system is leveraged to measure the marbling quality of the meat (flavor, texture, and tenderness).  The Japanese grading system – a scale of 1-12 is used to in grading the steaks you will be receiving.  Our customers will always be receiving 10+ marbling grade to assure the most amazing dining experience possible. In comparison to the standard USDA grading system which includes Select, Choice and Prime (Prime being the highest) – your beef will greatly exceed the highest USDA grade.  

These animals are All Natural, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, and treated like family.  They are raised and developed for over 400 days on a nutritionist-approved, all-vegetarian diet.

Only 3% of the animals raised throughout the country will grade at this elite level. We are proud to introduce you to the best beef in America.

new york strip wagyu
Excellent marbling from years of experience and careful breeding
Expertly trimmed, no excessive fat, no gristle