Paul Winberry

As a Chef, we are always seeking to find the best products available to work with.  My experience at some of the best restaurants in the country has afforded me the opportunity to source and work with some amazing products, specifically premium beef.

While at Cyrus restaurant, a 2 Michelin star establishment in Healdsburg CA, I was fortunate enough to work with A5 Wagyu Beef from Japan.  The first time I tasted a KOW NY Strip, it took me back to the moment when I first experience the flavor of A5 Wagyu.

KOW steaks are in my opinion the best beef produced in America today.  The marbling, rich beefy flavor and fat are like nothing I have ever tasted.  This is truly a one of a kind eating experience, and once you have tasted KOW beef you will never be able to have conventional beef again.  In addition to the quality, the history behind this product reads like a movie script, except it’s real.  I have come to know both Jon and Craig and know that they put their heart and soul into KOW products.

If you are fortunate enough to have eaten a KOW steak you realize that you have just had one on the most unique and truly special products made in America today.

Paul Winberry

Chef & Top Chef 5 Co-Winner