Over 125 Years of History

KOW Cattle Company’s heritage traces back over 125 years as this family has passed down through six generations farming and ranching in southwest Iowa.  Family owned, KOW takes great pride in raising, sourcing and delivering the most sought after steaks to your family’s dinner table.

KOW has been actively involved in valuable partnerships throughout the past century, which have significantly impacted the beef producing business. Our family made an impact in the early 70’s molding relationships with foreign countries such as Japan by shipping quality breeding stock via 747 airplanes customized to safely handle the animals.  In addition the family has managed and partnered in all aspects of beef production over the years from livestock & refrigerated transport, dairy production, meat packing and processing, and restaurant ownership.   

KOW cattle  leverages the experience and expertise from past generations to optimize, source and deliver an elite product to your table.  We continue to instill the family values of raising and handling of livestock… the right way.  Our children are highly involved in our daily farming activities and look to continue for generations to come.  The founders of KOW Cattle Company, Jon Urbana and Craig Zimmerman wish to continue our family heritage, partnerships and values by offering an exclusive package of elite quality American Wagyu beef for your family to enjoy… from our family to yours.


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“The Tri-tip was Awesome when smoked to a medium rare.”

Mark R.Grilling Enthusiast

“Holy KOW! I used to say that filet has no flavor. Not any more. This is without exception the best filet I have ever tasted. It has the richness and flavor of ribeye but it cuts like butter. ”

Chris C.Brooklyn, NY

“I'm a realtor in Denver, CO. I ordered 8 gifts around the holidays to be sent to my clients. I was sick of sending wine...

The feedback from my clients has been absolutley amazing. From the packaging to quality of the steaks after transit to the unbelievable flavor.

My new go to for client gifts. Thank y'all!!! ”

Lea VS.Denver, CO Realtor

“It's like a religious experience!”

@bbq_bboyGrilling Enthusiast

“F****** Unreal.”

Kaywan G.Manhattan, NY

“The best tasting fillet I have ever eaten. What the heck guys?? I'm hooked now. ”

Drew C.Edgartown, MA

The Farmers

Jon Urbana had the opportunity to engage closely with his Grandfather and Uncles as he grew up working closely with them in cow/calf and cattle feedyard operations, cropland production and  livestock transport.  Jon’s Grandfather collaborated with the Emperor of Japan right around 1970 and fabricated two 747 airplanes that were loaded with 300 bred heifers that were flown over to Japan to contribute to the Kobè Beef program. Continuing his interest in the Japanese art of raising Cattle, Jon’s overwhelming passion is raising, sourcing and delivering the best steaks in the world to his friends, family and customers.

Craig Zimmerman has been actively handling and raising cattle from a very young age.  First riding shotgun with his father at age 7 transporting cattle from ranches to market, working horseback with the cowboys on a large ranch and cattle feeding operation at age 10 and progressing to operating the John Deere tractors at age 12 working the cropland producing alfalfa, corn and soybeans.  He believes and exercises low stress and natural handling of beef cattle as they are a part of the family.  Craig’s children are actively involved in the family tradition of producing and sourcing elite quality beef from our family to yours.